The Back 9

You've worked hard on the 'front 9' of your life to build your wealth, now it's time to maintain, grow and protect your assets on the back 9.

Make the most of your hard work - enjoy your money, protect your assets and live the life you have always wanted!

Asset management, growth and continued wealth protection requires careful and informed management - not risk.

It takes a personal hands-on approach and guidance from committed wealth management professionals with years of practical experience.  

Welcome to Back9

Your personal and financial situation is unique.  That's why it makes sense to obtain independent and tailored professional advice specific to your circumstances, rather than the sale of mere products offered by so many.

Back9 can help you maintain, grow and protect your wealth. If you would like to see what a difference personal professional service can make to your unique circumstances, call us.

We can help with:

Corporate and personal structures

A little work now can provide dividends in the future.  We can assist with appropriate structures to maintain and protect your wealth, including:

  • Efficient tax planning
  • Financial structure review and updating
  • Asset creation, accumulation and protection.
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Transition to retirement

Retirement is easier and more relaxing when the right structures are in place. Our experience can suggest the right strategies for your situation, including:

  • Exit strategies for business owners
  • Maximising after-tax income for super and non-super investments
  • Captial gains tax strategies.
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Careful planning and developing correct structures can ensure a peaceful retirement, living the life you want.  Whether you want to 'set and forget' or take active involvement, our hands-on approach is very much about your individual needs.  We provide:

  • Independent investment advice providing individual assessment not product recommendations
  • Administration and reporting services
  • Portfolio management based on desired pension outcomes.
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Estate planning

With appropriate estate planning, you can protect your accumulated wealth for your intended beneficiaries, minimise tax and reduce potential probate issues and Family Provision claims.  We can assist with:

  • Wills incorporating testamentary trusts providing protection for "at risk" or disabled beneficiaries
  • Family discretionary trusts
  • Insurance proceeds
  • Estate planning documents including: Wills, Powers of Attorney, Appointment of Enduring Guardians, superannuation fund death benefit nominations
  • Advice for US citizens living in Australia and Australians with US assets.
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Alert - are you a US citizen? Do you have a US spouse?

Recent changes to US tax laws encumbers US expatriates, and potentially those with US assets, with certain annual filing and compliance obligations.  These obligations require ongoing vigilance by those affected and their adivsers. Back9 can provide expert advice to US citizens, and non-US citizens with US assets, domiciled in Australia.

  • US citizens must file annual bank account details for total funds in excess of $10,000, cumulatively
  • US citizens must file annual income tax returns regardless of domicile
  • US estate and gift estate tax threshold is currently $5.12 million

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