Services Overview

Personal advice tailored for individual needs

In the front 9 of your life, perhaps you've landed in the rough or extricated yourself out of the occasional sand trap.  In life, as in sports, preparation is the key to success.  Now it's time to prepare your financial strategies for the back 9 of your life.  Back9 has the professional expertise and practical experience to help you make it to the clubhouse and realise your goals.

You are unique.  So your financial needs require personal attention. The maintenance of your wealth, the structures you require to protect it and the strategies you have in place to transition you to retirement should be as unique as you and your family.

We provide high net worth individuals and family groups, sophisticated individual investors, business owners, senior executives and professionals with personalised strategies to maintain, grow and protect their wealth.

We can assist with:

Corporate and Personal Structures

  • Assets - Creation and accumulation
  • Liability - Structure, Determination
  • Entity Structures - Company, trust, partnership, joint venture
  • General Corporate Advice - Mergers and acquisition, asset protection
  • Reporting - Financial statements, income tax returns
  • Tax - CGT, income tax and general tax planning
  • Insurance - Liability/Risk management

Transition Strategies

  • Assets - Accumulation, preservation, liability driven investment (LDI)
  • Liability - Determination, management
  • General Corporate Advice and Succession Planning - Exit strategies to unlock value, maximising after tax funds for further investment, maximise annual profitability, cash flow management
  • Capital Gains Tax - Active asset exemption, small business concessions, rollovers, retirement contribution strategies
  • Superannuation - Contribution strategies
  • Reporting - Financial statements, income tax returns
  • Insurance - Liability/Risk management


  • Assets - Liability driven investment (LDI, payment structures)
  • Liability - Management, extinguishing
  • Strategic Advice* - Superannuation and non-superannuation assets, cash, fixed interest, local and international equities, direct property, private equity, asset allocation
  • Super Fund Administration - Detailed periodic asset management, reporting and reviews, income reports, contribution monitoring
  • Pension Administration - Tax effective pension strategies
  • Reporting - Preparation of financial statements for audit, tax return preparation and lodgement, investment strategy and minutes, regulatory returns
  • Insurance - Liability/Risk management

 Estate Planning

  • Assets - Management, future transfers
  • Liability - Extinguishing
  • Estate Planning - Assets, superannuation and non-superannauation, beneficiaries and family issues, adequate provision, insurance proceeds, wills/testamentary trusts, Powers of Attorney
  • Philanthropy - Private Ancilliarly Funds

* Supported by outsourced asset management consultants

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