Transition to Retirement Strategy

You've made your money, now make the most of it

Are you approaching, or over, 55 years of age?  How can you reduce your working hours without reducing your income?  How can you maximise pre-tax contributions? What structures will protect you? Where should you invest? How do you remain ATO-compliant with ever-changing legislation?

The answers to these questions depends on your individual circumstances and is why product based financial advice provided by many large institutions may prove costly.

Back9 offers personal, high-quality, hands-on advice that is specifically designed to suit your unique needs not the general needs of the masses.

We can advise on:

  • Assets - Accumulation, Preservation, Liability Driven Investment (LDI)
  • Liability - Determination, Management
  • General Corporate Advice & Succession Planning - Exit Strategies to unlock value, Maximising after tax funds for further investment, Maximise annual profitability, Cash Flow Management
  • Capital Gains Tax - Active Asset Exemption, Small Business Concessions, Rollovers, Retirement Contribution Strategy
  • Superannuation - Contribution Strategies
  • Reporting - Financial Statements, Income Tax Returns
  • Insurance - Liability/Risk Management

Contact Back9 Capital Management Pty Ltd for reliable and comprehensive transition strategies advice.

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