Complex, highly regulated, with onerous compliance conditions

Superannuation may be all of these things, but it is also a tax-effective vehicle that favours the person with foresight.  You need expert professionalis advice from experienced practitioners and a firm you can trust with your administration needs.  Whether you take an active hand in your super or whether you want to 'set and forget', Back9 offers the personal service that makes the most of what could be your single largest asset outside the family home.

Do you know?

What salary sacrifice options you can use?  Can you make post-tax contributions and how?  What about overseas assets?  What are the appropriate structures?  Your reporting and administration requirements?

We can assist with:

  • Assets - Liability Driven Investment (LDI), Payment Structures
  • Liability - Management, Extinguishing
  • Strategic Advice* - Super and Non-super Assets, Cash, Fixed Interest, Local and International Equities, Direct Property, Private Equity, Asset Allocation
  • Super Fund Administration - Detailed periodic asset management, Reporting & Reviews, Income Reports, Contribution Monitoring
  • Pension Administration - Tax Effective Pension Strategies
  • Reporting - Preparation of Financial Statements for Audit, Tax Return Preparation and Lodgement, Investment Strategy & Minutes, Regulatory Returns
  • Insurance - Liability/Risk Management

*Supported by outsourced asset management consultants

Contact Back9 Capital Management Pty Ltd for reliable, comprehensive and consummate superannuation advice.

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