Funds Management

Principals David Laanemaa and Dennis Fox are Australian based and they are responsible for developing and implementing fund investment strategies and managing portfolio trading activities. Back9 does not sell product – we develop individual strategies for each client designed to maintain, grow and protect capital.

Back9 utilises an individually managed account structure and provides a range of capabilities including:

  •  cash and fixed income
  •  currency
  • equities
  • private markets
  • residential, commercial and industrial property

David and Dennis have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, advisory work, valuing companies and assessing risk management. They are able to offer specialised diversified portfolios selected to meet the individual needs of our clients in order to deliver the best risk/return.

They have experience in managing assets for individual sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals and family groups, charitable organisations, and institutional clients alike.

Though diverse, Back9 clients are:

  • looking to invest in property and Australian businesses across a wide range of industries.
  • looking for exposure to small companies with growth potential listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

  • seeking a concentrated portfolio of Australian companies which have a high investment potential over the long term.

  • seeking concentrated portfolio of large cap Australian growth stocks, ideal for investors who want a high conviction, concentrated Australian equities.

Australian Funds Management

Australia has:

  • one of the largest and fastest growing funds management sectors in the world;
  • a sophisticated investor base as well as a strong and resilient economy; and
  • engaged in a series of reforms designed to position Australia as a major financial services centre in the Asia-Pacific region including the introduction of the Investment Manager Regime.

“Investment Management Industry in Australia” – Australian Trade Commission.

Contact Back9 Capital Management Pty Ltd for reliable and comprehensive funds management advice.

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