Estate Planning

Look after your beneficiaries, not the government

Surprisingly . . . life will carry on without us!  But why make it harder for your surviving beneficiaries than need be, and importantly, why give the government more than it is entitled to?

Ensuring your estate is distributed as you wish is not difficult - but it does require the correct planning and appropriate structures.  Your estate plan needs to account for things like insurances and overseas assets.  It needs to address administration and executor issues and it needs to comply with all legal requirements in the jurisdictions where assets are held.

With careful planning and you can achieve your desired outcome

  • Assets - Management, Future Transfers
  • Liability - Extinguishing
  • Estate Planning - Assets, Super and non-Super, Beneficiaries and Family Issues, Adequate Provision, Insurance Proceeds, Wills/Testamentary Trusts, Power of Attorney, Integrity of Documentation
  • Philanthropy - Private Ancillary Funds

Contact Back9 Capital Management Pty Ltd for reliable and comprehensive estate planning advice.

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